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My website is designed to engage us in conversation about education in Washoe County.

We are blessed to live in the beautiful Truckee Meadows of Nevada; our air is clean, our mountains are ever-changing, and the stars are bright. Washoe County folks are hardworking and kind, we never give up looking for the best life has to offer. We look for solutions to our problems and celebrate our accomplishments.

I have over 20 years as a local business leader. I have over 50-years of experience in education as a student, mother, grandmother and professional. I believe in the idea of “lifelong learning.” I believe that our children must have the opportunity to reach their full potential. I believe in the power of people coming together for a common good. As a community we must ensure that each child receives an education that is based on proven strategies for both educational and business practices. As tax payers we have a responsibility to ask and answer the tough questions faced by our community. Our children are counting on us to keep them safe and help them grow in a caring and supportive manner. As members of Washoe County we must do “Our Homework” and remember that our children will be the innovators, voters and tax payers of tomorrow. We need each other; our children need us!

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After extensive conversation, soul searching and asking those important in my life, I have decided to submit my application for Trustee Aiazzi's upcoming vacant board seat. On every level the circumstances are sad; beginning with disonance among the … [Read More...]

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These are certainly interesting times for those of us who live and work in Washoe County School District. I am a firm believer in seizing difficult situations, such as now, and turning them into teachable moments that tranform how we think, feel and act. As a community we have that opportunity right in front of us.

As a 2010 graduate from the University of Nevada Reno, in Educational Leadership, I understand what it takes to commit time, money, and talent to the educational endeavor. There is work to do and dreams waiting to be fulfilled. Let's get to work![Read more...]

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Envision 2015 - Investing in Our Future, is Washoe County School District's business plan for educating our children. Following is a brief excerpt from that plan. Thousands of hours were spent by hundreds of community stakeholders in an effort to design a comprehensive vision for our children’s future. [Read more...]